Composite Decking

Composite Decking enhancing the environment

Choose from a range of composite decking products that are enhancing the environment. Outdoor spaces have never looked and felt so good. Get closer to nature on a Composite deck.

We are a Composite decking Contractor with a unique decking range. The decks we install meet green demands and so tick the environment boxes.

What is the cost of Composite Decking?

Installed Flagship Decking costs (from);
10 Year Warranty R1500 per square meter.
25 Year Warranty R1850 per square meter.
Professional and Dependable
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Composite decking Steyn City near Dainfern

Composite Decking uses

The variety of uses is vast. With a bit of imagination, your outdoor living (or indoor) space can is transformed. A normal Deck can be an add on to a house, ground flat or office building. Are you working from home? Consider changing your office or bedroom window into an aluminium door. Think of the welcoming deck that it leads onto!

Do you need some inspiration?
Cladding that is a coating or covering on a structure in Bryanston

Composite Decking as cladding

Composite deck wall cladding is virtually maintenance-free. Use this on exterior walls. The appearance of the wall, roof or corner will dramatically change. 

Composite that is Long-lasting and Low Maintenance

The composite cladding is resistant to warping, splintering and rotting. In the same vein, it does not need to be sealed, painted or treated. This makes it attractive with all the various colours.
Cladding - Composite deck wall cladding is virtually maintenance-free

Stop worrying about your composite deck rotting.

Water can be a homes worst enemy. If you have experienced a wooden deck you know that any moisture will cause quick deterioration. Rot, mildew and mold get into every crack of a normal deck.

Our capped decking protection is unbeatable when it comes to moisture. It is because of the materials and their uniqueness. Additionally opt for a 25 year warranty and experience technology that extends the fight against mold. This is advisable so that the board fights moisture on all sides.

Maybe you want a deck next to the pool or you live in a moisture rich environment, you always want decking moisture resistance.
We installed a deck in Bryanston that was between a pool and a tropical fern garden that received a mist spray in the night. Moisture was a huge concern.

Composite Decking is kind to the environment

Composite decking that contributes to green living. Practices like installing Composite decking helps conserve resources like natural wood. Supporting local Contractors like us help our community too.
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Composite Decking upgrades

Work smarter by upgrading your wooden deck to a Composite Deck.
Stop worrying about your old rotting deck.
Here at Randburg Composite Decking, you can wave goodbye to those worries.
Our composite boards resist rotting and weathering for up to 45 years!
They also look as good as real wood - that is a smart choice.

Maybe you don't have to upgrade your whole deck. Let us come and inspect your existing substrate and if it is still in great condition we can resurface it for you. That means less cost upfront.
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