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Composite Decking that is eco-friendly and lasts a long time

Composite decking takes the pain out of the maintenance and financial costs involved in the upkeep of standard wooden decks. Its composition is in its name – a composite material mixed with plastic, wood fibre and a binding agent. This plastic wood recipe results in a product that is longer- lasting, heavier and stronger than natural wood.

Composite decking is a low-maintenance and long-lasting solution for all outdoor entertainment areas. This plastic decking is weather-resistant and extremely durable. It retains its good looks no matter the time of year and needs only a fraction of the time spent to maintain standard wooden decking. A regular wash down and sweep is all it needs to retain the good looks of this plastic wood product. No more sanding and varnishing of outdoor decking wooden planks.
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Composite Decking with a 10 year warranty that compliements any garden or living space, inside or outside

Unique and Luxurious Composite Decking

Apart from decking, this material can also be used as balustrades, decking planks and cladding, providing long-term weather-resistant outdoor decking entertainment solutions.

Composite decking offers so many benefits that far outweigh the cost factor. It is no secret that composite decking can cost twice as much as wood, but the list of advantages outweigh any financial drawbacks. Benefits include:
• Easy installation, saving time and money
• Adding value to the property
• Low maintenance, just wash down and sweep
• No fading, splintering or rot
• Repels insect infestations
• 100% slip-resistant
Composite Decking with a 10 year warranty that is very appealing for entertainment areas. Easy to clean

Outdoor Composite Decking that is hard-wearing and good looking!

By choosing composite outdoor decking, property owners are contributing to the safety of our planet. Composite materials are eco-friendly because, unlike timber, there is no deforestation involved in their manufacture. Another interesting factor is that bamboo is often used in South Africa, America and Europe to manufacture composite decking. This sustainable product is compressed into a synthetic resin. The process creates an end-product that is extremely hard-wearing and good looking.

In short, composite outdoor decking is the perfect solution for outdoor decking entertainment areas, be it barbeque and dining areas, or even pool surrounds. It is good looking, hard wearing, low in maintenance and weather resistant. That’s what contributes to the ever-increasing popularity of composite decking.

Long-lasting and Low Maintenance Decking

There is little to beat the endurance quality of composite decking products. These long-lasting and low-maintenance deck products are becoming increasingly popular with savvy property owners.

The beauty of these composite decking boards is that they need virtually no upkeep to retain their good looks for many years. Unlike their wooden counterparts that need constant maintenance, simply hose down and sweep the decking boards to keep them in tip-top condition. Gone are the days of sanding and varnishing – gone are the days of wooden deck boards splintering.
Compsoite Decking with a 10 year warranty perfect for around the pool and flooring for high traffic areas
Composite decking in south Africa is a sure way to be rid of yearly maintenance and be eco-friendly. Go green

Composite Decking Boards

Another huge advantage of these deck products is that they are suitable for outdoor use in the most extreme of weather conditions – be it South Africa’s scorching summer heat or plummeting temperature gauges during cold winter months.

More bonuses are:
• Decking boards that do not fade, maintaining its original colour for many years and eliminating the need for constant sanding and varnishing
• They are moisture-resistant and rot-free
• Most suppliers of composite deck products offer guarantees of up to 20 years, giving customers the peace of mind that can never be matched by timber

What does Composite Decking cost?

Composite decking is manufactured using recycled polymer resins and reclaimed wood fibre. This creates a hard and enduring plastic-type decking product that is water-resistant and therefore free from rot. Best of all is that it is cost effective.
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Decking prices per m2 is easy enough to calculate when you and your composite decking contractor have decided on brand

Composite Decking Products

While it is no secret that composite decking costs more than wood, as they say in the classics: “you get what you pay for.” With these long-lasting and low-maintenance decking products, owners increase the value of their properties and take the drudgery and expense out of constant maintenance. These deck products are available with guarantees of up to 25 years and offer fade-free good looks that match the warmth of wooden decking. Fast and efficient installation, eco-friendly and low maintenance add up to a recipe for success for composite decking products.
Outdoor wood decking prices south Africa are very comparable with composite decking

Outdoor Decking

The beauty of this product is twofold. In short, it is fairly simple to install which allows homeowners the opportunity to save cash. Secondly, the plastic wood planks can be laid on just about any level surface.

Other great advantages of using this form of outside decking material are:
• Durability – long-term product guarantees
• Warp-resistant – withstands all weather conditions
• Water-resistant – repels moisture
• Non-slip
• UV-resistant – does not fade or crack and splinter
• Low maintenance – sweep and wash down
• Cost-effective – long-lasting guarantees
• Eco-friendly – comprised of recycled materials that include bamboo and timber fibres

Composite plastic is used for a variety of outdoor applications such as decking, balustrades, cladding, gates and pergolas. This versatile and hard-wearing product is fast replacing old timber decks and is available with awe-inspiring guarantees of between 10 and 25 years.

Platform Decking with long-term product guarantees

Plastic “wood” planks, also known as composite decking, have become all the rage in South Africa. Most importantly they are Long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free. This outdoor entertainment decking solution is fast gaining popularity among lovers of a braai around the pool area. South Africans are known for their love of the great outdoors and if homeowners don’t already have an outdoor entertainment area then most are more than likely planning to create one this summer.

The product is known as composite decking. However, it looks like wood and is available in various shades of timber. The huge difference, though, is that unlike wooden decking, composite products do not fade, rot or splinter. Composite products are manufactured from recycled timber and high-density polyethylene plastic. In the same vein comprises recycled bamboo which acts as a strengthening additive. During the final stage of manufacture, UV stabilisers and bonding agents are added to the mixture, giving the product incredible strength and durability.
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