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Our Composite Decking product range is low maintenance with great performance.

You do not have to be a professional to know that installing composite decking will transform any patio.
Composite Decking project converted to full installation of Bamboo Composite Decking in Randburg

Let's have a look at the top 7 benefits of Composite decking.

Low Maintenance range
Durable - won't rot, warp or crack and resists mould, staining, fading, and scratching.
Great Aesthetics - Colours, styles, and wood textures to suit the style and look of your project.
Sustainability - Most composites are made from recycled products.
Natural and Beautiful wood look (Add garden and Deck lighting for better results)
Best for outdoor use.
Our decking is made from a wood-plastic - an eco-friendly decking solution

Composite Decking and cladding compete with all other options on the market. Our robust product range does its bit for the environment. It turns any living space into a beautiful looking area that a South African lifestyle can enjoy.
Professional and Dependable
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Outdoor composite decking prices in south Africa are very comparable with wooden decking

What are Composite Decking products?

Composite decking is a composite material mixed with plastic, wood fibre and a binding agent. This plastic wood recipe results in a quality product. It is longer-lasting, heavier, and stronger than natural wood in South Africa.

This plastic decking solution and range are weather-resistant and extremely durable.

A wood plastic composite material that is like wood and has all the benefits of wood and more. It only needs a fraction of the time spent to maintain standard wooden decking. A regular wash down and sweep is all it needs to retain the good looks of this plastic wood product.
Outdoor Composite decking for any landscape. Call your reputable and recomended contractor for a price per m2

Is composite decking your go to?

Our composite decking material is eco-friendly. Because, unlike timber, there is no deforestation involved in their manufacture. Composite products are manufactured from recycled timber and high-density plastic.

The products are and include recycled bamboo. This acts as a strengthening additive in the composition. This sustainable product is compressed into synthetic resin. During the final stage of manufacture, UV stabilisers and bonding agents are added. This gives the product incredible strength and durability. The process creates an end-product that is extremely hard-wearing and good-looking.
Composite decking for entertainment areas and is easy to cleanComposite Decking uses The variety of uses is vast

Advantages of Composite Decking products in South Africa

Suitable for outdoor use in the most extreme of weather conditions.
Great track record.
Large range of our products including wall cladding with many colour options.
Decking Boards installation on just about any level surface.
Quality decking boards have limited fade.
A composite decking material that is long lasting and looks the same year in, out.
Transforms your outdoor space.
Our composite range of products come with no sanding and varnishing instructions.
Gauteng property value increases with a deck.
Best and beautiful wood look. Not easy to top.
Best range that includes composite cladding
The perfect Easy install deck.
Eco-friendly. In sync with nature.
Durability – long-term guarantee on products.
Our composite is UV-resistant. Best for decking.
Low maintenance and no need for staining the deck.
You can add Pergolas to your outdoor space or deck
Add garden and home accessories Like deck lighting) easily
Can be used as and with cladding
Has n average a 25 year warranty

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Composite wood care is much easier than traditional wood decks in South Africa

There is no question about a deck improving a house appeal. The place that memories are made. It is definitely not the place for regular maintenance.

So how do composite decks hold up when frost, heavy rain, and unbearable sun test them?

Traditional wood decks exposed year-round suffer in look and performance. Wood decks need regular maintenance that includes washing, staining, and protecting. To top this they need a regular replacement!

In the long run, expenses pile up. It is not all the same. For the most part, our decking boards are Moisture, Weather, and UV resistant. Our Boards have advanced technology to boost structural integrity and looks.

So when those harsh weather conditions threaten your deck there is no need to worry. No rotting or warping or unsightly erosion.

That said all decks need tender loving care. It is as simple as a brush, deck cleaner and water.
Residential Composite Decking composite decking prices per m2 near Steyn City
wall cladding and eco composite decking

Randburg exterior wall cladding announces new product

VistaClad™ is a line of exterior wall cladding installed by Randburg Composite Decking that offers the best in design, efficiency and durability. This new product will be available for both horizontal and vertical applications as well as for roofs or ceilings.

The unique clip strip, tongue and groove boards and trim accessories are designed with ease of installation in mind. "We wanted to offer our customers more choices," said company spokesperson "Jeep". "The boards can be installed horizontally, vertically or even at a diagonal." These products have been thoroughly tested to ensure they perform under any weather condition while still being easy on the eyes thanks to their aesthetically pleasing colour palette.

Our wood plastic composite decking is the most sustainable option for your home

Wood-plastic composite decking is the most sustainable option on the market! But don't just take our word for it. Why? Well, because of its long-lasting properties and environmentally friendly manufacturing process we use natural materials like wood chips in a chemical compound that produces better results than other products out there today

You can afford a high-quality product that will last

As a high-end, carefully crafted wood decking material with an aesthetic that is next generation and provides superior weather resistance. This composite product can be used for almost any type of property or business including houses to shops!
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