Plastic Decking

The popular alternative to wooden decking is Plastic decking.

You don't have to be a quality conscious person to know that installing plastic decking is now the preferred choice.

But the surprising thing is that most homeowners will still try and compare wooden decking to plastic decking and we all know wood ends up costing more in the long run.

In fact, plastic decking has longevity, durability and great aesthetics going for it.
Composite decking for entertainment areas and is easy to clean

Let us have a look at the top 6 benefits of Plastic Decking.

Low Maintenance - Refinishing is not required.

Durable - won't rot, warp or crack and resists mould, staining, fading and scratching.

Great Aesthetics - Colours, styles and wood textures to suit the style and look of your project.

Sustainability - Most composites are made from recycled products.

Great to walk on - no splinters and soft underfoot

Value - pays for itself in well under 9 years

Plastic Decking competes with all timber decking on the market. Our robust decking products are Eco friendly and durable. Combined with our great track record and decking boards range the choice is simple. Our decking products turn any outside space into a beautiful looking and environmentally conscious area that you can be proud of.
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composite cladding for walls and long term useResidential Composite Decking in Randburg

How much does it cost to build a plastic deck with leading decking suppliers?

Installed Flagship New Projects (from);
10 Year Warranty range from R1500 per square meter.
25 Year Warranty range from R1850 per square meter.
Composite Decking uses The variety of uses is vast

Why is Plastic decking popular

Wood Plastic Composite is popular in South Africa! Why? Simply put it is our culture that loves being outside. Consider swimming pool decks, entertainment areas sun decks or perhaps a walkway close to a meandering river. What about adding a convenient composite railing to your living space! Adding decking enhances the experience with a great look and feel. We also work on Cladding, Screens, and Railing projects. We are one of the Randburg top composite decking suppliers.
Composite decking Steyn City near Dainfern

Why Plastic in decking works best

The brand of deck products we use is globally recognised for its design and functionality. These are top products on the market. It is engineered, manufactured and distributed as low-maintenance, Eco-friendly alternatives to real wood decking. It lasts longer, performs better and is safer for your family and the environment. The key ingredient of a decking material success is bamboo. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource. Using revolutionary bamboo-plastic composite the plastic decking is stronger, more durable than ever before. The product is long-lasting and it is made using renewable energy. Committed to the environment. Committed to quality. We are committed to making your life better with a greener and less stress home. Contact us for customer satisfaction and a great range.
outdoor composite decking decking starts with a 10 year warranty

Benefits of of plastic decking

Slip Free

Great product range

No need for sealing or staining

No warping

Splinter free feel

No rotting

No scrubbing, sanding or painting

Cleans easily with soap and water

Can withstand extreme weather

Long-lasting and Low Maintenance Plastic Decking

Total care and enhanced Eco-friendly product are the minimum standards for every decking solution. Our team use these perfectly designed planks to keep the original characteristics of wooden planks but have the robustness needed to last a long time. This will create an aesthetic home feel like never before.
Outdoor eco composite decking less maintenance and is comfortable when you are relaxing on the deck in Bryanston

Wood Plastic composite care is much easier than real wood decks in South Africa.

The decking we use has a co-extruded composite profile specifically designed for low maintenance. That said all exterior materials need some kind of cleaning. To keep the just installed looks of your plastic decking you will need to sweep it regularly and occasionally and wash it with simple soapy water and then rinse.

The anti-microbial elements help with protection and make this a hygienic deck for the whole family.

Step one - sweep and then apply soapy water with a sponge.

Step two - Sweep the soapy water with a medium to hard broom. make sure to remove dirt from the planks and gaps. Sweeping with the grain is best.

Step three -If there are stubborn dirt particles you may want to consider using a high-pressure hose. Direct the hose in a direction that is with the grain. Use a wide fan tip and pressure must be under 500psi. The hose must also be at least 350mm away from the surface while spraying. For a better result use the broom while spraying. Please use extreme caution when using a pressure hose and it can damage your plastic decking. If you notice and changes to your deck profile stop immediately. We also recommend starting on a very inconspicuous part of the deck as a test area.

Step four - Rinse with a normal hose pipe to remove all soap.

That's it, you are all done. Try to do this at least once a month.

Plastic Cladding Low Maintenance - Refinishing is not required.
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