Composite Cladding

Create a beautiful home with our innovative cladding system for exterior walls

We Install VistaClad rom EvaLast. VistaClad redefines the way cladding is installed with its innovative clip strip that locks boards using reliable dual clips. Manufactured from lightweight bamboo composite, VistaClad also offers a range of colours and finishes as well as trim and accessories to be used in tandem for an even more seamless installation process. Guaranteed by an industry-leading warranty, this low maintenance composite cladding made with recycled materials!
Composite cladding lasts longer than wood cladding

We've revolutionised the way it looks like natural wood.

Now with new features, this wall cladding solution is the perfect way to enhance your home's aesthetic appeal with this easy installation, all weather conditions cladding product.
Professional and Dependable
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Specially designed chocolate brown project in Johannesburg

Our product is low maintenance, and will last for many years to come

We provide low-maintenance but durable cladding for large-scale projects. This mould resistant decking has a strong structure that is perfect against biodegradation, corrosion, insects and moisture!

Extend the life of your attractive boards

VistaClad™ provides a complete cladding solution with weather and rot resistant composite, so you can protect and enhance the exterior of your home or commercial building. With durable VistaClad™ cladding and siding to choose from, it's easier than ever before!
recycled plastic decking used as wall cladding

We are installing the perfect material for your composite deck

VistaClad™ is a new, lightweight cladding with high performance composite timber ingrained, that offers unmatched protection for composite Eva-Last® products. The clip system controls contraction and expansion of the product as well as creating a no screws finish. With beautiful matching trim pieces available in VistaClad's sleek line of finish accessories, you'll be able to create your perfect deck design today!
wall cladding and composite decking for eco decking

VistaClad™ is lightweight and easy to install, saving you time and energy

The VistaClad™ profile is available in the Eva-Last® Infinity® composite. This premium material provides superior protection from any elements, backed by industry leading warranties (25 year), and an extensive range of natural colours. With three different sizes to suit your specific cladding projects design aspirations this product will provide a beautiful exterior for years with minimal upkeep or maintenance

It's water resistant so it'll stay intact through any weather condition

VistaClad™ is a versatile product that will work with any wall cladding project. Cladding for any building and for vertical, horizontal, or even diagonal installation patterns. Benefits include no Painting, no sealing and no sanding. Contact us for board colour options. We are Everlast composite decking recommended installers. Be one our happy customers today!
composite cladding for walls and long term use

With VistaClad™ your composite deck will have a flawless finish

VistaClad™ is a new generation of exterior wall cladding that is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit the aesthetics of different areas. To find out which colours are available in your region, please contact us today!
The latest product that we are currently installing, VistaClad™ has been designed with versatility in mind. The wall cladding product comes with an innovative all-in-one installation system that does not require any additional fixings or products. It can be installed on brick, cement, timber or even steel surfaces without requiring the use of adhesives or other materials.

The clip system controls contraction and expansion which helps create an impeccable screw-less finish.

EvaLast® is pleased to announce the release of their newest, most innovative product. Now you can choose from a variety of new colours and designs for your home with the introduction of the exclusive line of high quality exterior wall cladding boards with exceptional durability. It is part of the no stain range! Contact us for details and help with creating your next deck or wall cladding solution for any home or commercial building.

The adaptable clip substructure is easily fastened directly to a wall or suitable frame system. These engineered composite boards are designed to be lightweight and have all the weather, insect and biodeterioration capabilities that Eva-Last® is renowned for. The cladding boards simply click into place and hold strong.
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